Q7 Version Update - June 2020

We have some exciting new features coming in the latest Q7 update and we'd like to share a few with you.

- Q7 On The Cloud Now Supports EDI Interface

You may have wanted to move Q7 to the cloud, but were prevented because you need the EDI Interface with MessageXpress. We are now happy to announce that restriction has been lifted. There are multiple benefits to moving to the cloud including:

  • Mobility – You can access Q7 from anywhere you have an Internet connection; your home, remote offices or while you’re traveling.
  • Cost Savings - Q7 on the Cloud means you don’t have to purchase new servers or maintain your own network for Q7. Frontline handles all of those complexities and related costs for you.
  • Routine Backups – You never have to worry about backing up your mission critical Q7 data. Q7 on the Cloud automatically performs frequent, verified backups for you.
  • Easy Transition – There’s nothing new to learn. It’s the same software, with the same features you currently enjoy. Plus, Frontline can transition your system to the cloud in most cases with no downtime at all.

- Multiple Report Enhancements And Improvments

Several enhancements have been made to reports, including the option to omit opening balances on the General Ledger Account Detail report, which greatly improves its performance.

- Initial Support For Form 1099-NEC

Initial support for Form 1099-NEC, required for Nonemployee Compensation beginning tax year 2020, has been added.


- Other Q7 improvements

  • The Direct Deposit Interface now allows you to re-send a batch of Checks without needing to Restore them first.
  • Multiple improvements to Q7 Live which allows you to communicate with your ELD devices in real-time. We currently support interfaces with several major providers.
  • Added ability to remember the active filter when using the Advanced Search feature in Orders, Purchases, and Repairs.