Q7 Version Update - September 2020

We have some exciting new features coming in the latest Q7 update and we'd like to share a few with you.

- Introducing Duplicate+

For customers who duplicate Bookings dozens of times a day with very small changes between each duplicate, this tool is for you. Duplicate+ allows you to duplicate a Booking and edit any field in an easy to use, Excel style grid. This keeps you from needing to go back to each duplicated Booking to edit one or two fields, saving you hours of time. You can even create a Trip for each duplicated Booking.

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- Bird's-Eye View with the Profile Editor

Have you ever wanted to see all of your Setup Profiles in a single screen? Need to change the rate for all of your Owner Operators? The Profile Editor gives you an overhead view of different Profiles throughout Q7 including Pay, Sales Profile, Payroll, and Accounts. With searching and sorting capabilities, you'll be able to review and update large amounts of profile data in no time.

- Document Management Advanced Image Editing

Edit your documents quickly and efficiently directly from Q7. Crop, resize, color adjustments, and much more for advanced users. Combine this with Remote Document Capture and you'll deacrease your time to invoice dramatically.

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- Factoring Settlement

Properly handling your factoring accounting can be time consuming and prone to user mistakes. The Factoring Settlement tool automates the tedious process of reconciling your factoring statements. With a few button clicks, record your reserve amounts, fees and charges, and the deposit to your checking account.

- Other Q7 improvements

  • Improved performance when using blue links to open Transactions from Reports.
  • Q7 Maps updated to use the new Edge Chromium browser for better performance and improved security.
  • Real-Time Reports added support for Pie, Bar, and Line charts.
  • Repairs can now (optionally) validate that enough quantity is on hand to cover quantity sold when entering an Inventory line Item.
  • Easily initiate a bobtail with a new Segment+ feature.
  • Automatically send an email to your customers with a map indicating the location of your load. (Requires Q7 Live, Automated Email, and Google Maps).