Q7 Tips & Tricks - Preferences

There are dozens of options to make your order entry, dispatch, payroll, and other operations work more efficiently for you. Utilize Preferences (options) to set defaults, requirements, and other behaviors.

Customize your colors

Spruce up the look of your system with a new color scheme. From the Main Menu, select Admin | Preferences | Global. Color 1 is used for default program modes, such as Bookings. Color 2 is used for secondary program modes, such as Quotes. Color 3 is used for search bars and any tertiary program modes, such as Misc Cash Disbursements in the Checks program. This is especially useful if you run two Q7 databases.

Choose a color from the drop down or double click to create your own unique color scheme.

Default Customer Payment automation

When a Customer Payment is entered, the system can distribute the Amount of the Customer Payment to any open invoice(s) in the grid, paying each one in full until the Payment Amount is exhausted. From the Main Menu, select Admin | Preferences | Receipts. Set the Manual Apply setting to No. To determine how the list is sorted and therefore how the Amount is distributed, set the Apply By to your preferred sort (i.e., apply the payment Amount by Doc No).

Change the configuration on any one Customer Payment by clicking the Config button in the Customer Payments window before Selecting open invoices.

Dispatch settings

Preference settings can significantly increase efficiency on the Dispatch Board. From the Main Menu, select Admin | Preferences | Dispatch. Make selections such as Required resources for a Trip, defaults for stop confirmation dates and times, create a default Load Confirmation message, warn if a carrier does not meet certain safety requirements, set default date stamps for authorized Trip pay, and more.

Preferences make Q7 yours

There are many more Preference settings available. To learn more, search for Preferences in the Knowledge Base. Preferences for each program are sorted in a table of contents.